Founded in March 2005 as Business Technology Associates LLC (“BTA”),  BTA’s philosophy has been to provide strategic advisory services, usually deeply transformational in nature in terms of business model impact, and then (if appropriate) drive their implementation for our clients.  Many key contributors on our team have worked with us a long time (15+  years), designing and operating custom solutions to launch new business lines or retool old businesses around more efficient models. In early 2013, the principals of BTA decided to rebrand BTA as “BTA-Partners”  to draw a clear distinction between advisory and investment banking related activities on one side, and business technology and operation services on the other side. As a result, we operate two separate legal entities and divisions:

  • BTA-Advisory, LLC (“BTAA”) continues to provide Strategic Business Development, M&A  and Management Consulting. We specialize in enterprise value optimization and business model retooling, particularly in the financial services sectors, like Alternative Asset Management (hedge funds and equity funds), Private Wealth Management (shared platforms), and special projects.  We also advise non-US resident asset managers’ access to US capital and distribution through our proprietary network and US regulated advisory platform.
  • BTA-Solutions, LLC  (“BTAS”) continues to provide Custom Design, Development, Implementation, and (optionally) turn-key operations of advanced solutions for our clients.  Having developed and run for years custom portfolio management, risk and trading solutions, we are focused nowadays on implementing new business models leveraging complex information aggregation and analytically intensive, enterprise or market-wide solutions.  The joint venture model in such cases is our preferred structure.